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Back again in DAFSI!

Greetings from the 3rd day of our DAFSI project! Today, we had a really intense day filled with stunning views at the top of the famous mountain called Monte Tecla, as well as delicious food from various nationalities.

Our day began with an energetic hike to the mountain, where we enjoyed panoramic views of the surrounding area, including the Miño River and the border between Spain and Portugal. The mountain is also home to an ancient Celtic settlement known as Castriño de Santa Trega, and we were told a captivating story about its construction and history. Overall, a trip to Monte Tecla was a rewarding and memorable experience!

As part of the experience, we showcased our culture and traditions through two-minute scenes, providing unique cultural situations that might take place in our countries. We had the opportunity to learn about different nations, cultures, and stereotypes.

During the event, we interacted with people from different countries, sharing our thoughts on food, diversity, and understanding of different identities. Participants built connections that can last beyond the program’s duration, which can be beneficial in terms of professional opportunities and personal growth.

We believe that cultural night is an essential part of the Erasmus program, as it helps promote cultural understanding, tolerance, and appreciation.