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Goodbye from Eleni

The final blog to write since my departure is definitely on the horizon. Mixed feelings, many thoughts. What to say and what to leave behind? It’s certainly an experience that’s already etched in my brain. I feel more appreciation than sadness, for sure. I appreciate… Leer más »Goodbye from Eleni


It’s been over a month now since I arrived in A Guarda, and so much has unfolded! Initially, I had the chance to visit the southern part of Spain, specifically Extremadura, where we did a theatrical workshop with seniors. Witnessing 80-year-olds actively participating in such… Leer más »Settled!

A month full of experiences

This month has been filled with a whirlwind of experiences, combining both the highs and lows of life. However, among it all, one significant highlight stands out: the initiation of my personal project on Verbatim theatre. Although the group is relatively small, I find immense… Leer más »A month full of experiences