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Two days to go in DAFSI!

The week is coming to an end, but our participants still have plenty of creativity left! Today, we had the opportunity to learn about incorporating diversity in theatre, including the inclusion of people with disabilities, promoting human rights, and combating social exclusion.

The activities focused on improvisation, allowing groups limited time to plan their lines, which was a great exercise that enabled them to put all of the week’s learning into practice! Participants faced a reduction of their senses, such as blindness, mutism, or reduced mobility, and had to collaborate to compensate for these sensory impairments. They realized how difficult it is to express themselves and interact with others with these limitations.

In the second part of the morning, the participants, divided into groups, represented their own perspective on a selected human right, first as a statue and then as a commercial, using an image or a few lines to communicate this delicate concept that forms the basis of our society.

In the afternoon, improvisation skills were crucial as participants worked in pairs to sell their partners to the audience, emphasizing their strengths and showcasing their talents, no matter how small!

With one more day to go, the suitcase is already full of resources and tools! We look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow and concluding the week on a high note!