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Getting to know each other and preparing the festival

Hello everyone!

We are finally all in A Guarda! Today, Thursday, was the first day of activities. During the morning we did a few fun games to meet ea ch other and to learn about the other people.

For lunch we had tortilla and empanada, the Italians loved it!

After that we had free time and we decided to spend it together, going to the skate park!

In the afternoon we worked on the festival in groups. Each group had the opportunity to develop their tasks in order to create our events for the Actúa Verde Festival, organising the games in the Castelo, the open mic and the social media marketing activities.

After that we went to the art exhibition, where we had good time looking at the art works of the participants of the festival.

To end this first day, we participated all together at the Trivia Night, where in our team we had to collaborate to win the game!

It was just the first day and we are thrilled for the next days in Actúa Verde Festival!