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Learning, Exploring, and Adapting in Spain

Another month has passed, and I can tell from the fact that I am leaving my jacket on the chair more often, enjoying the warmth of the spring sun. Thinking about this reminds me that I have already completed half of the project. These last few days have been intense, with many special events and activities that the association is organizing, which made time fly by. I also took a few days off to visit Spain and meet new people. Since I stayed in Madrid for a few days, I had the chance to spend time with some of the volunteers I had only talked to via video calls during the on-arrival training. It was great to see another reality, similar to mine, but also deeply different. I could talk and discover how other volunteers were living their experience and understand how many varied opportunities the ESC programs provide. Being in another city can make a huge difference in your life, and that’s why this is such a great chance.

I think about myself living in my hometown, and I realize what a different person I am now. I truly believe that if someone wants to give a new twist to their own working and personal experience, the European Union is providing valuable help to many youngsters.

In the meantime, my Spanish is improving significantly, and it often happens that I speak to strangers. I am proud to manage it without resorting to English or other languages I already know. People here often say that Galicians are shy and not very open to foreigners, but actually, everyone has been very available to help me and give me hints.

Furthermore, I think that in just a few days, it will be possible to have a short swim in the ocean or the «pozas,» as the natural water pools are called here. They are part of the beautiful Galician landscape and can be found in the green hills, hidden in the middle of the trees.