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Rehearsal day

Hello you guys! Today was a very busy day. We started at ten like always, with a few energisers. Later, the Italian and the Galician groups separated to rehearse their plays, “AlphaZed” and “Inimiga do Pobo”. After a brief interruption due to procession, we shared each other our work.

We had sandwiches for lunch and, after that, a long break. Today, we decided to spend the day alone or in small groups instead of all together, but we still had a lot of fun.

However, at 15:30 we got to work on the festival activities. The art workshop groups continued doing stencils, the open mic group organised the participants, the games group prepared the cards for the game in the castle and the marketing group managed the social media and started to wrote the summary (this one!).

Intercultural night

Once we ate dinner, which was very tasty by the way, we went to the beach for the intercultural evening, where we played a Spanish traditional game and an Italian one. The Spanish one is called «pañuelito» and it consists om dividing in two groups and give each member a number. In the middle there’s a person who holds a piece of fabric and says the numbers of members of the two teams and they compete to get the fabric.

The Italian one is called «Sultans», that in a way is very similar to the Spanish one. In two groups, one has numbers and the other letters, and they compete against each other. The letters group objective is to kiss the person in the middle and the numbers have to kiss the letters.

In the end we were divided into groups and we talked about how the day was.