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Almost at the end of the project

Here we are, almost at the end of the project! Now the last month starts and the summer is quickly arriving. Here in A Guarda sunlight completely disappears from the sky almost at eleven in the evening and days are warm but windy. Walking near the ocean is so peaceful and I’m definitely getting addicted to coffee, due to the nice bars on the coast! Sitting there and chilling gave me the time and inspiration to draw, read, write, things I can never do enough otherwise, gave me back something I was missing to do (you can see some of it int he pictures).

These last months has been nice to feel I can easily speak Spanish (even though I still miss many words!). For sure, learning a new language is one of the best skills I could get from this project, it will be a plus for the rest of my life! In addiction, I can proudly say that I finished to read my first book in Spanish. My sister gave it to me a year ago and now I didn’t have any excuse to leave it close in the library.

At work we are planning the last activities, June will be a full month and, hopefully, really exciting! Many events are confirmed on the calendar to speak about European Solidarity Corps and make people more aware about how this experience can teach you so much. At the same time, my flatmate, volunteering with me, is getting me really nostalgic, she feels the end of the our staying too near and sometimes I also wonder how it will be to leave life here and come back home. But cut the cackle, I still have a month to enjoy!

Few days ago it was my birthday and me, the other volunteers and the boss had the best francesinha you can find in Portugal in an unexpected restaurant not so far: we experienced real  culinary pleasure. After that we went to see a show a friend of mine did, reminded me about Italy and I’m also keen on going back and see my family. They will find me changed for sure, after all this time!