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The charm of Guimaraes, Lugo, and Pontevedra

During this time, I’ve had the chance to visit some incredible places like Guimaraes, Lugo, and Pontevedra. There’s something special about exploring new destinations and discovering what lies beyond. As time flies by, it feels like I’ve already seen and experienced so much during my stay here.

Lugo, with its ancient Roman walls encircling the city center, left me spellbound as I wandered through its historic streets. And let me tell you about Guimaraes – a city nestled in the north of Portugal. Attending a performance there was a true highlight, adding another layer to my journey.

Now, as I dive into preparations for my personal project here in A Guarda, collaborating closely with locals, I’m filled with excitement to see it all come together.

By the way, as I’m writing this, I’m enjoying the warmth of the Galician sun, while the rest of Europe braces against the cold. Can’t say I’m sorry about that!