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Under the Same Sky: Reflections on Cultural Immersion in A Guarda

We are under the same sky. Right now, watching A Guarda from the window and the rain coming after the sunny day. My sky is here right now, with the culture and people here… A Guarda is the first step in my re-creation process, the step of awakening creativity and leaving days of anxiety behind… When you step out of the circle you have created for yourself for a long time, it creates another feeling beyond fear. Here I relive the beautiful feeling of being a stranger to the streets and exploring.

Rainy days and my favorite blue raincoat… For me, Spanish always consisted of the songs I listened to, the movies, and the television series I followed. Now being a part of it is like being in a television series without subtitles… I just want to say that I’m sorry and that everyone talks too fast. We can add a smiling face here. Being a part of a different culture and being involved in it has a feeling that goes far beyond travels as a tourist. You get involved in the culture. You discover the beautiful aspects of the language. You see how meaning is created with language and creates everyday life.

A Guarda, Galicia region, is the most suitable place for this observation. I am in a region on the border of Portugal and Spain, with only a river dividing these two beautiful regions. Here you can hear Spanish, Galician and Portuguese. And of course I hear it especially in Cypriot. My friend Eleni from the project with whom I share the same house comes from Cyprus. If you meet her, definitely chat about this beautiful island in the Mediterranean.

Living with many different languages ​​throughout the day is both tiring and wonderful. And there are still many things here that I haven’t discovered, there are dishes that I haven’t tried. That’s why I plan to tell you my favorites in my next article. It might be too early to pick my favorites. But I can add this. Living by the ocean, hiking, absolutely inspiring activities in this area with beautiful forests