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Goodbye from Yakup

Time really does fly by, the clock ticks every minute and my flight’s departure time is getting closer. This is not feeling sad, it is another feeling. What I bring in my suitcase when I come to A Guarda is different now than what I will put in my suitcase when I leave here. Right now, my suitcase not only contains clothes, items that I will use daily, and a book of beginning Spanish stories that was a gift from one of my friends. Right now, in my suitcase, there are the experiences I had here, the memories I left behind from my friends here, photographs, beautiful songs, the Spanish songs I learned, the beautiful cities of Galicia and rainy weather that we should always be prepared for, a bottle of «licor café” and a bottle of «licor de hierbas” and one of the most beautiful places, Jota Jota (J C). The things in the bag change, like the rhythm of life… I don’t know if I have changed, I think I will find out after landing at Istanbul Airport on June 28. After arriving at the airport at night, getting on the bus and heading home… Galicia has been my home throughout the time I have lived here and the people here are my friends. Gentle nature, kind people, good local food…

I think that’s why I felt like I was leaving my home when I left. I have integrated with the rhythm here, and while I will return to my life in Istanbul in a few days, I spend my last days here saying goodbye to people and wishing to leave to meet again in another country, another city, another geography. The digital world gives us another opportunity, it makes it possible to record and remember memories. It allows overcoming distances and I have these memories now. When I say goodbye, I hope this is not a real farewell and I thank Galicia for the good energy and good memories it gave me. A few years ago, I didn’t know that I would live in A Guarda, a small coastal town in Galicia whose name I didn’t even know, that I would accumulate such memories and consider this place as my home. But the world is an interesting place, beautiful memories are waiting for all of us somewhere. That’s why we need to keep exploring. Thank you Galicia, thank you European Solidarity Corps, thank you FOCO ☺ Gracias chicos por todo