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Two days to go in DAFSI!

The week is coming to an end, but our participants still have plenty of creativity left! Today, we had the opportunity to learn about incorporating diversity in theatre, including the inclusion of people with disabilities, promoting human rights, and combating social exclusion. The activities focused… Leer más »Two days to go in DAFSI!

Back again in DAFSI!

Greetings from the 3rd day of our DAFSI project! Today, we had a really intense day filled with stunning views at the top of the famous mountain called Monte Tecla, as well as delicious food from various nationalities. Our day began with an energetic hike… Leer más »Back again in DAFSI!

Second day in DAFSI

I want to welcome you to the second day of the project! Today, we worked on facilitating drama using various techniques aimed at understanding how to organize a productive and healthy environment within the group using theatre, as well as working with migration and refugee… Leer más »Second day in DAFSI

Arriving to Galicia

Greetings Hola! My name is Daryna.The decision to apply for a project was really spontaneous and unexpected for me. Since, I never participated into the Erasmus project, I was really curious how it will be. I found that sometimes you need to let go of… Leer más »Arriving to Galicia