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Another day doing theatre in DAFSI!

Welcome to Thursday, the beginning of the end! Although we have passed the halfway point of the week, the energy among the participants is still high! Despite the rain, everyone is bringing positive energy and laughter to the program. Today, we explored topics such as gender stereotypes, interculturality, active citizenship, and devising through a lot of improvisations and storytelling. While they played, the participants had discussions about these values, how they are interpreted in society, and had the space for constructive debates.

The group engaged in finding compromises and solutions for the problems the facilitator presented. Three groups were given opposite tasks, and they had to come up with a more equal compromise. There is not a unique answer, and every time you play, you can find different solutions. It’s up to the interpretation you give and how many ways you can read reality, how many shades! Between one laugh and another, their critical thinking was stimulated and challenged.

As mentioned before, some days have already passed, and some participants may feel a little change in themselves, which is the main objective of the week. The FOCO staff is proud to see that the proposed activities are giving results. We hope that something will stay in their memories and hearts, and that they can come back home more aware. The free time in the evening is greatly appreciated, providing an opportunity for participants to get to know each other better, discover new cultures, and slowly form new connections.

Still, some days are ahead of us, and there is so much more to learn. We will continue to approach each day with enthusiasm and excitement!