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Second day in DAFSI

I want to welcome you to the second day of the project! Today, we worked on facilitating drama using various techniques aimed at understanding how to organize a productive and healthy environment within the group using theatre, as well as working with migration and refugee themes.

We used activities to work on our energy, concentration, and focus to help participants develop powerful tools such as confidence, creativity, and communication skills. We learned not to be afraid to take risks and experiment with different forms of expression.

During the day, we explored theatre tools addressing issues related to migration and refugees. Here are some ways in which we learned to work with these issues: creating awareness and empathy, encouraging dialogue and understanding, providing a platform for expression, skill development, and community building.

The facilitator provided us with a solid foundation of awareness on environmental issues and then encouraged us to apply that through interactive drama exercises. This made the learning experience much more engaging and memorable.

We did a great job of creating a safe and inclusive space where people from different backgrounds and experiences could share their thoughts and ideas.

The final part of the day involved creating fictional scenarios and characters to analyze different perspectives and challenges through our own backgrounds and assumptions.

Finally, the group acknowledged the importance of reflecting on their experiences in a non-judgmental way and sharing insights with others.

You can find more information about the DAFSI project here.